Is it possible to get into a graduate school if I have a low GPA?

There is no doubt that having a high GPA helps when you are applying to graduate schools. That being said, it isn’t the end of the world if you have a low GPA. The aim of this website is to provide you with all of the hints, tips and advice that you need to make low GPA medical school and other school applications successfully as well as applications for scholarships for low GPA applicants.

Some tips for applicants with low GPA

Grad school applicants can overcome a low grade point average by compensating in other areas. The reasons for having a low GPA and the school you are applying to can also be a factor. The first thing you should do is completely assess your situation and consider the following:

Low GPA Grade - Be RealisticBe realistic. Although you may have always wanted to attend a top five grad school, getting in with even an average GPA is very difficult, and applicants with a low GPA are seldom accepted. Consider lowering your sights a little and look at some colleges that accept low GPA applicants. They do exist. Most schools will have application requirements posted on their websites so do some research and have some backup alternatives.

Low GPA Score - Consider WhyConsider your reasons for having a low GPA. There are some legitimate reasons for poor grades that many schools may take into consideration if pointed out to them. If you have poor grades because of serious health problems or some other valid reason, there are schools that will accept you if you can show that you do have the ability to be successful in their program and that your problems are now behind you. Again, be realistic. If your low grades are due to poor study habits or a fondness for late night parties, it will be much more difficult to overcome them.

How to compensate for a low GPA when applying to graduate schools

There are some steps you can take and things you can do to help compensate for a low grade point average. The following are a few tips and suggestions you may want to try:

Low GPA - Retake the CoursesRetake courses in which you had a low GPA. Medical school applicants for example, might retake science or math classes in which they didn’t perform well as these courses are the most relevant to their program.


Low GPA - Get the Best ScoresConcentrate on getting superior test scores. Having great scores on the LSAT, GMAT or other appropriate tests can help offset a lower grade point average, especially if you are applying to the law or business school.


Low GPA Personal StatementMake good use of the personal statement. Use the statement of purpose to explain the reasons for your low GPA. A legitimate reason such as a serious health problem can be explained. However, don’t just provide a list of excuses or place blame on others.


Low GPA - Apply to Many SchoolsApply to many schools. Don’t limit yourself to just one or two schools. Applying to as many schools as possible that fit your requirements improves your chances of being accepted into a program.


Low GPA - Apply for ScholarshipInvestigate different programs for scholarships. For low GPA applicants who otherwise are exceptional there are scholarships given that aren’t based on your grade point average.


It may take some time and effort to overcome a low GPA but it can be done, and many graduate school programs do appreciate a sustained effort as it indicates you are serious and committed to the course of study. This website will help with your low GPA grad school applications by providing you with all of the help that you need to overcome this problem in your applications with low GPA scores.

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